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                                  Osmanli Coat of Arms           Kadjar Coat of Arms
Osmanli Coat of Arms           Kadjar Coat of Arms    

       Zelle-os-Soltaneh with Masud     Seniha Zelle-os-Soltaneh
Zelle-os-Soltaneh in riding clothes with her Father,
Masud Mirza Zelle-os-Soltan.  Photo taken in
Persia, 1898, by Ernest Hoeltzer, a German
telegraph engineer.
Seniha Zelle-os-Soltaneh, again wearing riding  
clothes, with her son, Selim bin Hamid Han.  
Photo taken in 1909 at the Palace, Istanbul.

Imperial Prince's Caftans Ottoman Caftans worn by Imperial Princes, above on Crown Prince Selim

Sultan Selim bin Hamid           Sultan Selim i-rabi bin Hamid Han         Nadine Valide Sultan          

Prince Selim bin Hamid
Han.  Alexandria, Egypt.
Sultan Selim i-rabi bin Hamid Han.  
Age 89 at home.  France.
Nadine Valide Sultan.
At home.                        

             Sultan Selim, Humeyra Hanum Sultan        Sultan Selim, Nadine Sultan, Azyade Sultan, Soltan Ali

Sultan Selim and his cousin, Humeyra
Hanum Sultan, granddaughter of
Sultan Mehmet VI, Turkey, 1983
Sultan Selim with daughters Azyade Sultan, Nadine
Sultan, and Kadjar cousin Soltan Ali.  France, 1996

    Safi-Naz Sultan, child     Safi-Naz Sultan    Safi-Naz Sultan, Soltan Ali, Mr. Odeon

Safi-Naz Sultan, eldest
daughter of Sultan Selim.
As a child in Egypt.
Safi-Naz Sultan, granddaughter
of Sultan Abdulhamid II.
Safi-Naz Sultan with cousin Soltan
Ali, and her husband, Mr. Odeon.

Nadine Sultan, ChildNadine Sultan, Pce. Ali Vassib, MukbeliNadine Sultan, Pce. Ali Vassib

Nadine Sultan at her Father's
home, Alexandria, Egypt,

Nadine Sultan with cousin Ali
Vassib Effendi, great grandson
of Sultan Murad, and his spouse,
Mukbeli, Turkey, 1982
Nadine Sultan, Ali Vassib
Effendi, Alexandria, Egypt, 1983

        Nadine Sultan, Queen Geraldine               Nadine Sultan, Princess Marzieh  

Nadine Sultan and H.M. Queen Geraldine of
Albania, South Africa, 1997
Princess Marzieh Kadjar and cousin Nadine Sultan

  Nadine Sultan, Princess Eylah, Soltan Ali Nadine Sultan, Princess Saeedeh  Nadine Sultan, Princess Saeedeh, Istanbul

Princess Eylah Kadjar and
cousins, Nadine Sultan, Soltan
Princess Saeedeh and her cousin,
Nadine Sultan, USA, 2005
Princess Saeedeh and Nadine Sultan,
Ciragan Palace, Turkey, 2004

Nadine Sultan, cousins Iradj, Parvin, Saeed Nadine Sultan, Iradj Mirza, Paris  Nadine Sultan, Princess Ezzat, Tehran  

Nadine Sultan, Princess Parvin,
Iradj Mirza, Prince Saeed, all
great grandchildren of Prince
Governor Masud Zelle-os Soltan
Malak Zelli, Iradj Mirza, Nadine
Sultan, Paris, 2005
Nadine Sultan with her Kadjar Relatives
at Princess Ezzat's home.  On her left is
Crown Heir HIH Soltan Keyhan.  Tehran, 2007

  Nadine Sultan, Cingiz Mirza, Baku  Nadine in Baku  

Nadine Sultan, Esmira Khanoum, Cingiz Mirza Kadjar, Allahverdi Mirza Farmanfarmaian, Aliya Khanoum Kadjar, Afag Kadjar.  Kadjar relatives in Azerbaijan.  2005

  Azyade Sultan, 3rd daughter of Sultan Selim  Azyade Sultan at her home, France  Azyade Sultan, Nadine, Safi-Naz, and cousins

Azyade Sultan, 3rd daughter
of  Sultan Selim, France            
Azyade Sultan at her home, France Azyade Sultan, Safi-Naz Sultan,
Nadine Sultan, Soltan Ali, Iradj Mirza, France

          Karina as a child on the French Riviera, 1970          Karina and Patrick, UK

Princess Karina on the Riviera, 1970                                                                   Karina Hanum Sultan, with her brother, Patrick Sultanzade. 1974

 Karina, Patrick, and their FatherKarina at the University, USAKarina in USA

Patrick Sultanzade, Karina
Hanum Sultan, with their Father    
Karina Hanum Sultan at the University, USA. 1980's Karina Hanum Sultan, USA. 2003

    Karina Hanum Sultan, USA  Karina and Daniel, USA. 2007

                             Karina Hanum Sultan and her spouse, Daniel, USA. 2007

  Kadjar Conference, 2004  Conference, Karina Hanum Sultan, 2004

Princess Karina (in red) with her mother, Nadine Sultan, and their cousins, Prince Saeed and his mother, Princess Parvin Kadjar, USA. 2004

As shown above, Princess Karina does not match at all the description made by "Nilufer" in her book!!  Click link "Articles" under the title "Uncover Mystery Hunt".

                        Crown Prince Suleyman Osman Khan

Crown Prince Suleyman Osman Khan as a child, France.

Sultan Suleyman is one of seven grandchildren of Sultan Selim bin Hamid Han.  He is a great-grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II and descends from Nasser-ed-Din Shah of Persia through the Shah's eldest son, Prince Governor Masud Zelle-os-Soltan.

Sultan Selim had three daughters, two sons, six grandsons, one granddaughter, five great-grandsons, and four great-granddaughters.